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Renaker Figurines 1

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Bull - Pink - nice color - great detail - gold hooves - gold long hornes - missing one flower behind left ear would not know that this is missing except for the fact that I have a second one with six flowers around the ear instead of five that this one has.wr2$28.00
Dog - Pink - gold bone - gold medallen - gold toe nails - all flowers in mint condition - nice detail - clean - bone has one repair.wr4$27.00
Elephant - Pink - gold toe nails - gold on head in three places - one gold tusk the other gold tusk is rubbed off - flowers on one leg mint - three flowers on head mint - two flowers on tusk one missing most of the petals then other tusk flower missing one petal.wr5$27.00
Hen - Pink - gold beak - gold plum - gold on tail - feet and face - blue tail and feet - nice detail on face - clean - four flowers on left foot - three flowers on right foot - three flowers around top of head one with a petal missing - tail bow missing one loop.wr6$27.00
Horse - Pink - gold hooves - gold in mane and tail - mane and tail are GREEN - rest is pink - flowers around neck in tack one flower at left ear has two petals broken off - nice face detail - left leg repairwr8$30.00



Renaker Figurines 1